What I expected vs. what I found.

I had great expectations coming into EDUC 689 and they were met. In the face of personal upheaval and crisis, the class kept me focused on what is possible, and how the use of social media tools could move the focus of learners closer to the job and what has to be done how. That is a short description for something very powerful. We have the capability to take advantage of the kinds of geometric progression realized through technology that we have seen for years and which now allows us to help support both learning and performance. I do think that one byproduct from the expert forums is shifting our focus to performance support. I also have a new respect for Facebook. It provided a key resource in working through EDUC 689 and forming online relationships with our classmates. Who knew? On another front, I have had a Twitter account for a few years, but mostly I lurked, following people that interest me, but not really crafting my thought into the 140 character format. I also found out about bit.ly, Tweetdeck and the practical use of Twitter. The Expert Forums were a fitting end to the last few weeks of study. I got to talk to Jane Bozarth! Wow! I already had her Social Media book and I have ordered Show Your Work. And I talked to her personally! I enjoyed blogging, it is a good way to share me, which I don’t always do. I tried to be forthright and honest, and reading back on my previous posts, I somewhat succeeded. Now I need to figure out a way to keep it up. In closing, thank you Jeannette for a great semester and thank you classmates. It was a really good experience.


One thought on “What I expected vs. what I found.

  1. Hi Mike,
    I agree that performance support is now more front and center as an effective way to help learners, especially as an adjunct to formal learning. Some have said that informal learning signals the beginning of the end of the LMS. I think it depends on the industry and the job: formal learning will always be essential wherever there is one correct way to do something that must be mastered, as in brain surgery or mathematics or engineering. What do you think?

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